Saturday, May 11, 2013

26 Reasons Why Committing Adultery Is NOT a Good Idea!

 For the past several days, I have been copying Proverbs 5, 6 and 7, word for word, verse by verse. There are some amazing warnings against adultery in these three chapters. Here are 26 reasons why committing adultery is NOT a good idea.

1. At the start, the adulteress and adultery seem attractive, desirable and pleasurable but in the end she and it is bitter.

2. Your feet and steps will go down to death and the grave.

3. You will give no thought to your life and will be on the crooked path.

4. You will give your best strength to others.

5. Strangers will feast on your wealth.

6. Your toil and labor will enrich another man’s house.

7. At the end of your life you will groan.

8. You will say, I hated discipline and correction.

9. You will come to the brink of utter ruin.

10. You will be reduced to a loaf of bread.

11. Your very life will become prey.

12. You will be burned and scorched.

13. You will not go unpunished.

14. You will lack judgment and destroy your self.

15. Blows and disgrace will be your lot.

16. Your shame will never be wiped away.

17. You will experience fury, no mercy and revenge from the spouse.

18. The violated spouse will not accept any compensation or bribe.

19. You will be led astray and seduced.

20. You will be like an ox to the slaughter.

21. You will be like a deer stepping into a noose.

22. You will feel like an arrow pierced your liver.

23. You will be like a bird darting into a snare.

24. It will cost you your life.

25. You will be brought down and slain with a mighty throng.

26. You will be on a highway to the grave leading down to the chambers of death.

Sufficiently warned? I am. Don't say don't, say HELP!