Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Gift of Being Yourself

Today I was reading 1 Cor.12.18...
"But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be."

This verse reminded me of how much I have wanted to be someone else for a lot of my life.

I thought about when this first started for me. It feels like it was in Bible College. I had heard men like Chuck Swindoll in 1975 and thought, " I want to be like him."...teaching the Bible in an accurate, practical and compelling way.

I graduated in 1976 and heard of John MacArthur, who was the pastor of a 10,000 member church. I thought, I want to be like him...leading a big church.

I was in business from 1980-1985 and wanted to be like the big guns in like Bill Heavener and Jim Seneff who have gone on to be multi-millionaires.

In 1992, I heard of Bill Hybels, and ever since I saw Willow, I thought, "I want to be like Bill."
A thoughtful counselor and friend once asked me, "what does Bill have that you think you want?" I will never forget that day and that question.

On 04.04.04, I turned 50. Some friends of mine gave me the book, "The Gift of Being Yourself," by David Benner. It was on that day that I really started to discover and recover my "True Self."

I recognized that God gave me the gifts of Leadership and Exhortation and wanted me to use them by Him and for Him. It was a day that started to set me free.

What about you? Do you like where the Lord has placed you in His Body? He has created you on purpose for a purpose. Stop living in the False Self and begin discovering and living in your True Self. It makes all the difference in this world.

Finally glad to be me and be placed in the Body exactly where Christ wants me to be.

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Monica Alicia said...

I can relate to this and am in the same place. I felt like the Holy Spirit told me one time "Monica God can't promote you because you aren't being "YOU"~ there is a place where I belong, that was laid before the foundations of the earth but I can't get there until I started being me. Thanks for sharing.