Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reflections At A Funeral

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a father and a son. I am normally reflective but when I get in those settings, I become "hyper-reflective". I was listening to all the good things said about the father...others-centered, loving, knew no stranger, prayed for the kids on his school bus, loved his grandkids etc...
As I listened to their words about him, I wondered about words about me? What would be said of me in the end? What would people remember or say of me after I depart from the earth?
I am not sure but these are words that I hope would be said...
  1. He loved God his Father, Jesus his Savior and the Holy Spirit his Comforter and Counselor.
  2. He loved God's was his daily delight and mediation.
  3. He was crazy about his wife, Debbie. He sought to love her as Christ loves the church.
  4. He never stopped thinking about and praying for the next generation of Woodalls and Tichys.
  5. He loved God's family, the Church. He was passionate about his work as a Pastor.
  6. He loved developing men and marriages.
  7. He definitely lived a life on purpose and sometimes in balance.
So...if these are words that I hope will be said of me in the end, what am I doing to make sure these things are happening now?
What do you hope will be said of you in the end?
Are you making decisions now to assure this?