Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I spent the last 4.5 months in Romans 1-8. A life changing experience as I learned with greater clarity and power "how to" live by the Spirit and not by the LAW or rules or regulations or works. A very freeing and insightful and liberating time. 

We live by the Spirit by "offering our bodies to God" as slaves to righteousness. We no longer "offer our bodies to SIN" as slaves to SIN and ever increasing wickedness. As we offer our bodies to God, we trust in the life of Christ in us and the power of the Holy Spirit to live this great life full of LIFE & PEACE. What a thought. What an offering. What freedom. What power.

I will be posting a lot of my updates on which can be seen on the right hand column and on my Facebook.

More to come in time. Thanks for reading & following.