Friday, June 27, 2008

Remembering To Forget

This is another poem from a very dear friend, David Schulman, written back in 1997 when we lived in Reston, VA.

I often walk this dreary path
Where mire stews and brambles grab
Leaving me with shortened steps and unforgiving scars

Its never ending winding route
Chokes the light that would lead out
Instead I’m stuck to see my sin from behind its imprisoning bars

And down this road where no one goes
I’m trapped among the prickly rows
That point to me and what I’ve done to hasten my demise

The pointed vines sink to my veins
And Sin bequeaths its crimson stains
That pierce the heart and brow alike
And burn into my eyes

But as I clutch this cursed weight
It’s revealed as part of Another’s fate
Who bore my guilt and took my shame
And transgressions I have yet

This path that led to death before
Can now lead to the open Door
To peace and Life and “Sonny” days
If I remember to forget

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