Saturday, July 19, 2008

Power Phrases - 07.14-19

I love going back and seeing all the Lord taught me this past week in Proverbs.
14.8 Be A Prudent Man
15.16 Better A Little With The Fear of The Lord
15.13 Happy, Discerning & Cheerful Heart
16.31 Gray Hair is A Crown of Splendor
17.10 Rebukes Are No Fun But Impressive
18.10 The Lord is SAFE
18.13 Two Sides to Every Story
18.21 The Tongue Can Give or Take Life
18.22 My Wife Debbie. Favor From The Lord
19.1 Lead A Blameless Life
Take time each week, in a "Weekly Focus", to see and remember all the Lord taught you. It will greatly encourage your heart.

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