Sunday, July 13, 2008

Power Phrases - 07.06-12

During my "Weekly Focus" time on Sunday mornings, I love going back and seeing what the Lord taught me from His Word in Proverbs. This is the way I review, reflect and remember.
6.16-19 Hate The 7 Things The Lord Hates
6.24-35 Beware of the Immoral Woman
7.1-5 God's Words and Commands Will Keep Me
7.6-27 The Lustful Youth Who Lacked Judgment
8.10-11 Nothing Can Compare to Wisdom
8.32-36 Blessed in the Way of Wisdom
9.8-9 Rebuke A Wise Man
10.1-32 Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say
11:1-31 I Want To Be a Righteous Man
12.2 A Good Man Obtains Favor From the Lord
It is amazing to see all we have read and learned and considered just in the last 7 days.
Imagine this over a life time?
Wisdom comes little by little.

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