Saturday, July 05, 2008

Power Phrases - 07.01-05 I said that I will summarize my "Power Phrases" for the week. This is a practice, habit, discipline that I have every weekend as part of my "Weekly Focus". I take the time to look back and see all that God taught me from His Word over the week. I usually summarize from Sunday to Saturday. Here are mine for the last 5 days from Proverbs:
1.1-4 The Proverbs Are For Attaining, Understanding, Acquiring, Doing And Giving
2.1-5 The Fear Of The Lord Comes From Intense Searching And Seeking
2.12-16 Wisdom Will Save Me From Wicked Men And The Adulteress
3.1 Keeping God's Commands Will Bring Me Prosperity
3.13-15 Wisdom And Understanding Are Far More Valuable Than Silver And Gold
4.7-8 Wisdom Is Supreme
4.18 The Path Of The Righteous Gets Brighter Over Time
5.7 Stay Far Away From The Adulteress.
5.17 Rejoice In My Wife Of My Youth

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