Monday, June 09, 2008

"Power Phrases" - 4/13-06/07/2008

I have been enjoying a very simple practice of putting my daily times in the Word into a "Power Phrase". I got this idea in November of 2001 from Andy Stanley who does it for his weekly message. I thought, if he does it for his weekly messages, why wouldn't I try it in my daily times in the Scriptures? It has been a "life changing" practice. These are some from 1 Peter.
1.1 - I have been elected and chosen by God to obey
1.8 - I am filled with inexpressible and glorious joy
1.11 - There is suffering now and glory to follow
1.12 - Do not serve myself but the generations to come
1.14 - Prepare my mind for action
1.17 - I call on a heavenly Father
2 Cor.2.14 - The fragrance of Christ...what do I smell like?
1.17 - My Father is my Judge
1.17 - Live as a stranger on the earth
1.18 - I have been redeemed from the empty way of life
1.22 - I have been purified to love
1.23 - I am born again of imperishable seed
1.24 - All men are like grass withering away
2.1 - Rid myself of myself and crave pure spiritual food
2.9 - I am chosen, royal, holy & belonging to God
2.11 - As strangers abstain from sinful desires
2.12 - Live a good life with Christ in me
2.21 - Entrust myself to Him who judges justly
2.24 - Christ died for me so that I might die to sins
2.25 - Jesus is the Shepherd and Overseer of my soul
3.1 - Wives, put your hope in God. Do not give way to fear
3.7 - Husbands, be considerate, respectful, prayerful
3.8 - Do not return evil for evil but with blessing
3.10 - Love life and see good days
3.15 - Jesus is the reason for my HOPE
3.16 - Always keep a clear conscience
3.18 - Christ died to bring me to God
4.2 - Live the rest of my earthly life for God
4.5 - I will give an account of my life
4.6 - The end of all things is near
4.10 - Use my gifts to serve others
4.12 - Don't be surprised. Rejoice. Be overjoyed.
4.19 - Commit myself to my faithful Creator in suffering
5.1 - Be shepherds of God's flock
5.5 - Humility invites grace
5.8 - Resist the devil by faith
5.10 - My God restores me
I have discovered that as I think on these things, these truths, my mind is renewed, my soul is restored and my decisions are redirected. I love it. You?

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