Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Father's Love For His Son

My old friend, David Schulman, wrote this for his little son, Noah, on 21 February 2008. I love this man's heart and talent.
Little man with sunny smile
Come and sit with me a while
Tell me of your lofty dreams
Shine upon me with your beams
Let us hold onto Today
Before Tomorrow takes you away

Little heart with tender strings
Let me hear the tune it sings
Sing your wishes, they sound so sweet
With every precious thumping beat
Let me hold your heart with mine
Before you sail across the brine

Little mind, what wondrous muses
What fantastic thoughts it chooses
Concepts too grand for grown-up invention
So naively deep, they defy convention
Let us talk and dream some more
Before you fly beyond our door

Little body “complete-ly” small
Let Daddy hold you before you’re tall
Little fingers and little toes
Surround a love that ever grows
Let me gently hold your hand
Before the falling of the sand

Baby Boy, what a blessed treasure
Such a value, none could measure
You’re a tangible gift though briefly so
I see you depart each time you grow
Let us hide within this day
Until the wind blows you away
© David Schulman
All too soon...all too soon...They're Gone!!!

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