Monday, May 26, 2008

What is a Prevailing Man? Part 1

OK so what about the "Prevailing Man"? You might wonder or ask, why did I pick the word "prevailing" instead of "faithful, godly" or any other term? I first heard this idea of "prevailing" from Bill Hybels in 1996, when he was calling pastors to lead prevailing churches. I have always wanted to lead a prevailing church but it never seemed to happen. My distorted concept of prevailing back then was a big church of 10,000+ people. (More on that later) One day in my discouragement Debbie said to me, "John I know you want to lead a prevailing church, but I think you are a prevailing man." That one conversation was a defining moment in my life and it has radically redirected the focus and calling of my life.

There are many ways to describe a prevailing man.
Webster defines prevailing as… "Gaining advantage, superiority or victory; having effect; persuading; succeeding".I love the idea of being victorious, having effect and succeeding not only in this life but in the life to come. I want to prevail and succeed in all areas of:
When I think about my life or my self, I think first of my role as a man of God…my spirit, soul and body.
SPIRIT – To me this is a deep, intimate, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
a.    My Mind – This is having my mind daily renewed and transformed by the Scriptures.
b.    My Will – This is making the right and wise choices all of the time.
c.    My Emotions – This is having my heart full of the fruit of the Spirit…love, joy, peace etc and not full of anger, hate, bitterness and other works of the flesh.
BODY – This is being fit and caring for my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
Intimacy – This is loving Debbie as Christ loved the church and living as one in our spirits, souls ands bodies.
Financial – This is honoring the Lord with all of our wealth and using it for Him according to the Scriptures.
This is raising a godly generation with our children and grandchildren and having great friendships with all of them. This is also fulfilling all of my roles as a son, brother and uncle.
This is being an excellent Pastor/Director of Married Community Groups at NPCC.
This is using my gifts and calling to the fullest and doing whatever the Lord leads and calls me to do. This is to include ministry to men, marriages and missions.

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