Saturday, May 24, 2008

13 Qualities of a "SHARP GUY"

Yesterday I met with a great young couple. She said her Dad was not much of a "Spiritual Leader". It took me back to a conversation in 1997, when my 15 year old niece Esther asked me if I knew any "SHARP GUYS"? I asked her if she even knew the definition of SHARP? I began to think through the things I would want to see in my life, my sons and every man I know. Do not get freaked with the idea that they all begin with "S". How would you answer the following questions?
1. Saved
• Do I have an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus? - Acts 4:13
• Am I assured of my salvation? - 1 John 5:13
• Do I serve the Lord with gladness? - Psalm 100:2; Romans 12:11
2. Separated – Set Apart.
• Have I dedicated my life to the Lord? - 2 Cor.5:14, 15
• Do I see myself set apart for God’s purposes? - 1 Cor.6:19,20
• Do I daily present myself as a living sacrifice? - Romans 12:1,2
3. Strong in the Lord
• What do I know about spiritual warfare? -2 Cor.2:11; Eph.6:11
• Do I know the whole armor of God - Eph.6:10-18
• Do I know how to resist the devil? - James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:6-11
4. Scriptural
• Am I a man of the Word? - II Tim. 3:14-17
• Do I diligently study and meditate on the Scriptures? - Psalm 1
• Do I know how to rightly divide the Scriptures? - II Tim. 2:15
5. Spiritual Gift
• Do I know and exercise my spiritual gift? - Romans 12; I Cor. 12
• Where am I using it?
• Do I appreciate other’s gifts?
6. Small Group
• Am I living in community with other believers? - Hebrews 10:25
• Do I have deep, open, honest, safe friendships? - I John 1:7
• Do I share and bear other’s burdens? - Galatians 6
7. Secure
• Do I know who I am and what I have in Christ? - Ephesians 1
• Have I thanked God for my design? - Psalm 139:14-18
• Have I accepted and given thanks for the unchangeables in my life?
8. Submissive
• Am I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? - Phil.2:9-11
• Do I understand the purposes of authority? - Romans 13:1-7
• What kind of attitudes do you see? - 4 Required - Eph.6:1-3; 1 Peter 3:1-6
9. Sensitive
• Do I walk with a clear conscience before God and men? - Acts 24:16;
1 Tim.1:5,19; 2 Tim.1:3
• Do I honor, prefer, and esteem others more highly than myself? - Phil.2:3,4
• Do I really understand? - 1 Peter 3:7
10. Suffers Well
• Do I understand God’s purposes for suffering? - 1 Peter 4:1; Col.3:1,2
• Do I hold any anger, resentment or bitterness? - Eph.4:30-31
• Do I know how to forgive those who have offended me? - Eph.4:32
11. Stewardship
• Have I yielded my rights to the Lord? - Phil. 2:1-11
• Do I live as a steward? - I Cor. 6:19,20
• Do I model generosity and faithfulness? - II Cor. 9:1-18
12. Spirit Filled
• Do I know the Person and ministries of the Holy Spirit? - John 14:16-18
• Do I know what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit? - Eph.5:18-21
• Do I know how to walk in the Spirit? - Gal.5:16-22
13. Successful
• What is my view of success?
• How is it accomplished?
• Do I know how God measures success? - Psalm 1:1-3

I realize that a "Spiritual Leader" could also simply be described as "one who leads spiritually" or "one who walks with God" etc.
But I felt a little more description could be helpful.
What is your definition or description of a "Spiritual Leader"?

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