Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Older Sister, Linda

My sister did a triathalon for Mother's Day. I am soooo proud of her. She wrote the following.

Today was a day of many emotions; anticipation, excitement, and fear were just a few. As I stood on the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney and looked out to the green light in the distance, I wondered if I really was going to be able to make it. Was I really prepared? Would my body tighten up and not allow me to go the distance or would I be OK if I just took the hardest portion of the race in stride and relaxed and did my best? As I looked around at the ladies who stood next to me, I was deeply inspired. I was in the first wave to the lake. In my wave there were cancer survivors as well as women in my age category (55-59). We were all there because we believed in a cause greater than ourselves. We gave our time, energy, and resources over the last several months to train, and today was the day.
Though there were days I wondered if I could train, the picture I had of my precious friends doing life without their wives caused me to put away my own issues and get going. This event was way out of my comfort zone, but what I have gained this season will never be forgotten.
The relationship that I have enjoyed with my daughter Elisabeth as we trained has been incredible. The monthly time together with the Legacy Ladies has been deeply encouraging, and the tenderness and support that my husband and children have shown has been precious.
So as the day closes I say with Paul, “I have finished the race; I have kept the faith,” and the prize was waiting when I crossed the finished line.
This event allowed me to accomplish something way outside of my comfort zone and now I will dedicate myself to encouraging others to look at training and participating in the event next year.
So as I close this story, I say, “Thank you, Tim Crebs! You and your precious children, Kaley, Kyle, and Chloe, have touched my life more than you may know. I know you miss your wife and your children's precious mother today, but know she has inspired me along with so many other women to do something we would never have even considered.”

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Bekah said...

Wow... What a Legacy she continues to leave with her life! and look at her younger brother too... doing a 40 day fast in the name of the men and fathers in his church! that's something just as noble as this...! I'm so proud of both of you!!