Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LIFEMAP: What's Your Story? Part 2

J. Robert Clinton's book, "The Making of a Leader",  expanded my thinking about the seasons of life by using different labels and descriptions. He introduced me to the idea of a "Generalized Time Line" and I put mine together in October of 1997.
I. Sovereign Foundations
This is the part of life over which you have very little control.  It deals with:
•    Your heritage
•    Your parents and grandparents
•    Your gender
•    Your race
•    Your birth order
•    Your temperament
•    Your education
•    Your experience
•    Your spiritual life
These are the early parts of our lives that God formed, fashioned, directed or permitted for His glory and Name's sake.
II.    Inner Life Growth
This is the season where God is developing the interior part of the person; developing character to match assignment.  He is more interested in the root system than the fruit that is manifested publicly.
III.    Ministry Maturity
This is the season where a number of things are initiated.  A number of ministries are started and experimented.  This is where we begin to see the things at which we are good and not so good.
IV.    Life Maturing
This is an important but painful season.  This is a time when the Lord leads or allows us to go into seasons of isolation, conflict or crisis.  One of the primary purposes of this is to get our lives and ministries to come from being (who we are) instead of doing (what we do).  It is a season to develop a deep, abiding, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He continues to prune, purge and crush us so that we may bear much fruit.  He assumes through this season that our life is about His kingdom, His glory, His image and His strength.  He knows that we have been prepared as a vessel fit for His use, then He leads us into convergence.
V.    Convergence
Convergence is a season of alignment.  Alignment according to our D-E-S-I-G-N:
•    Drives
•    Experiences
•    Spiritual Gifts
•    Impact
•    Genius
•    Nature
It is a season that results from time of prayerful examination, reflection and processing of life.  We are able to see the sovereign, loving hand of our Heavenly Father who has been leading and shaping all the way.  Convergence is a season that unfolds, more in response to invitations versus personal initiations.  This season is displayed with grace, peace, rest, life, hope, wisdom and the fruit of the spirit. Only God knows the number of days and years this season will last.  It is a time to be fully enjoyed but not held on to.  Any and all fruit is for the glory of God and to be produced by Him. 
VI.    Afterglow
After a full season and life of walking with the Savior, a man or woman moves into a season of "Afterglow."  This is a time of remembrance and reflection on the goodness of our God; of a life well spent with the Savior.  It is a season of great anticipation of eternity with the Savior for whom they surrendered their life, will and ways.
In what season are you? Do you see the Hand of God at work shaping you to be the man and leader He is calling you to be?


Bryan Davidson said...

yo jdub, love, love the book. thanks for writing about it. i'm enjoying your thoughts here, as your spoken words too. keep em coming. ~B

kb23 said...

jdub, brother, thank you for providing me answers to questions I had not been able to articulate even to myself. Echo...keep em coming!