Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LIFEMAP: What's Your Story? Part 1

I believe it is important to stop and step back before you can effectively move forward. It is important for one to consider, "From where have I come?"
I was first exposed to the idea of a life map and seasons in a person's life when I went to a Pastor's Conference at Moody Bible Institute at the age of 22.  Ross Rhoads was saying that our:
20's are years of PREPARATION
30's are years of INITIATION
40's-50's are years of DOMINATION
60's-70's are years of CONSOLIDATION. 

I was really struck by this thought and it has continued with me for the last 32 years.
As I continued through life for the next 21 years and got kicked around along the way, I noticed at the age of 43 that life was being squeezed out of me.  Debbie said, "I'm through trying to make you happy."  There was an ache in my soul that I did not know from where it came. I was described as "Eey-ore".  I became very pessimistic and my outlook on life was very negative. I was not living authentically and I felt I should resign the ministry. John Trent calls this an "Emotional Freeze Point"…a season of time when unexamined or unprocessed layers of hurt are laid down. 

As I was trying to find out what was wrong in my soul, I spoke with a fellow pastor in Reston. He carefully listened to the cries of my heart and said it sounded like I was near "Convergence". I had never heard of this word or concept before and he pointed me to a book called "The Making of a Leader," by J. Robert Clinton. We will consider more from that in Part 2.
What about you? What season do you find yourself? God is writing an amazing story in and with you. 

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Mike said...

Dad, I was intrigued about your comments today about life mapping. I'm going through your "LifeMap" label posts. I'm so glad you wrote this stuff out.