Monday, May 26, 2008

LIFE. On Purpose. In Balance-BALANCE

BALANCE. What about the "In Balance" piece? For the last 30 years I have seen so many people's lives out of balance where they crash and burn. It has deeply affected me. It caused me to think deeply about living a more balanced life.
I have been exposed to the idea of goals and objectives ever since high school. My Dad use to make my sisters and me set out our goals for the year. Weird eh but true. I am very structured. On a Meyers Briggs assessment I come out as an ESTJ or "Life's Administrators"…imagine that. I have been a reflector and love to think. I have sought to live with purpose and intention…but it really came into crystal clear focus after meeting Jeff Henderson who introduced me to the "1% Club" by Tommy Newberry. One day when Jeff and I were having lunch he pulled out this thing called the "90 day focus" tool. Super intrigued and curious I asked what is that? After Jeff walked me through it I was hooked. I found some tools that enabled me to take this life of purpose and put it into a balanced plan.
In 2004 I attended the 1% Club. Tommy asked me great questions and taught me many practical things…
1.    What is my picture of a desirable future? At 2025-2030-2035?
2.    Who am I spending time with? Associations move me toward or away from my goals
3.    Positive Mental Nutrition. What am I exposing myself to?
4.    Focus on Genius. What do I do with excellence and passion? What do I do repeatedly, happily, and successfully?
5.    Successful Families are not an accident. What are goals for my marriage?
6.    The Weekly Focus. Examine life in 7 day chucks. Focus on three results each week
7.    Strategic Relationships. Why should I spend time with them?
8.    Live a healthy Lifestyle. High energy is not an accident
9.    Every 90 days…the importance of reflection, redirection and recommitment
10.  I want to live a joyful, healthy and productive life until my last breath
11.   Write fewer goals that I am committed to 120%. Make sure they are clear, compelling and why they are important to me.
Over the next several months we will look at several things to help us LIVE ON PURPOSE IN BALANCE. We will look at our past, present and future hopes and dreams.
We will begin by doing a "LIFEMAP". This is the instrument that will help us know from where we came in order to see where God may be leading us.
We will then look at our DESIGN. This begins to answer, who am I? Why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? This is what helps us know who we are and who we aren't. For too many years I lived in my "False Self". God has made us with a "True Self". The true self needs to be recovered and discovered.
Next we will look at our LIFE. What is LIFE? What does it mean to live? How can I be fully alive? We will do this by identifying and defining our ROLES as a MAN, HUSBAND, FATHER, BUSINESSMAN AND CHURCHMAN.
Each role has a PURPOSE. We will look at the PURPOSES of God for our LIFE, MARRIAGE, FAMILY, BUSINESS and CHURCH.
Along with looking at purposes, we will consider VALUES. What is VALUABLE to God and what is valuable to us?
From those values, we will create a personal MISSION statement.
To fulfill this Mission and these Purposes and Values, we will establish PLANS. These plans will help us live a life IN BALANCE.

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Anonymous said...

Love it JDUB! I feel like i am auditing the class all over again. Found a gem.