Monday, May 26, 2008

LIFE. On Purpose. In Balance-An Introduction

Life on Purpose in Balance. Just a fancy phrase? A good friend asked
me one day if I just set out to write these things. The answer is no.
I believe these things came to me over time as part of my "Life
Message"...the story that God wrote for and with me. What I would
like to do is give you a brief history of how this came to be.
My first thinking of purpose occurred in 1985 when I started to
pastor a church at the age of 30. I had a man in our church who asked
me this question, "John, why does this church exist? Of all the
churches in Orlando, what is the purpose of this church?" I really
didn't have a decent answer. That began a journey of discovery for
the purposes of the church. I read a book by Chuck Swindoll that
helped me see that the primary purposes of the church are Worship,
Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism. (W-I-F-E)
My next exposure to the idea of purpose was a seminar that taught me
the 5 purposes of marriage…Companionship, Completion, Enjoyment,
Fruitfulness and Illustration. Ever since I heard those words I have
sought to build my marriage and life on purpose. I have done over 150
weddings and I speak of these at every wedding I perform. These
purposes are a deep part of my being and marriage.
Fast forward to 1996 when I attended the "Purpose Driven Church"
conference by Rick Warren in CA. As I finished this conference I
could not help but think, "If we have all these purposes for the
church, what are the purposes for my life?" I tell people that Rick
Warren stole my idea about the "Purpose Driven Life" :-)
I had already been thinking about the various roles of a MAN,
that I began to think about all the purposes of each area.
Are you living your life on purpose? Or is it more of a random
We will look at BALANCE next time.

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