Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Questions

Recently a friend of mine, Dan Diaddigo, sent these great questions when he exhorted us to "travel knightly". When considering men and traveling companions, he asked,
  1. Do they kneel before a risen King?  Do they rise against injustice?
  2. Do they speak Truth into the fog of men?  Do they stay their tongues for sake of others?
  3. Do they still themselves in the deep place?  Do they fight with honor in proper season?
  4. Do they resist empty offerings of the proud?  Do they invite the company of broken people?
  5. Do they forsake fa├žade in search of substance?  Do they sustain the weak and protect the frail?
  6. Do they hear the same voice you hear?  That whisper from the center?
I always love good, thoughtFULL questions for me to stop and examine.
Grateful too for the men in my life who live this way.
Do you have these kind of men and friends? They are essential in war.

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