Saturday, May 31, 2008

D-E-S-I-G-N: Who Am I? Part 3

I have arranged and asked some questions to help you think through your DESIGN:
1. Drives
What gets your heart beating fast? What really excites you?
What makes you cry? What breaks your heart?
What do you think is your passion? What burden do you have?
2. Experiences
What are some unique experiences that have happened in your life?
What have been "defining moments" or spiritual markers along the way?
Who are your heroes?
What have been your high points? Your low points?
Have you experienced a "dark night of the soul"? Have you gone through the wilderness or brokenness? How?
3. Spiritual Gifts
What is your spiritual gift? Romans 12 lists 7 gifts.
What is your spiritual pathway? Gary Thomas writes of different spiritual pathways… Intellectual, contemplative, worship, nature, relational, activist, other?
How do you best connect with God?
4. Impact
What arena do you feel most compelled to impact? Politics, business, the church, economics or other?
Are you inclined to work with children, teens, singles, couples, young adults, men, single parents other?
If time, money or education were not an issue, what would you do?
5. Genius
What natural gifts has God given you?
What can you do "effortlessly"? What do you do repeatedly, successfully and happily?
What do you do extremely well?
What is your leadership style? Visionary, strategic, shepherd, manager, directional or motivational?
Do you prefer to work with things, people or projects?
6. Nature
What is your personality?
Extrovert vs. Introvert
Sensing or Intuitive
Thinking or Feeling
Structured or Spontaneous
People or Task oriented

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