Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees - Matt. 16:6

I am intrigued by the word "leaven". Below is a description.
1. Appearing to be spiritual, but loving sensual pleasure (see Matthew 23:27).
2. Praising God with the mouth, but having a heart that is far from God (see Matthew 15:8).
3. Teaching man-made theology rather than God’s commands (see Matthew 15:9).
4. Doing good deeds for the purpose of being seen and praised by people (see Matthew 6:1).
5. Praying publicly to impress people (see Matthew 6:5).
6. Fasting with the motive of getting personal praise (see Matthew 6:16).
7. Focusing on religious traditions rather than God’s commands (see Mark 7:9).
8. Trying to correct others while having the same problem in ourselves (see Matthew 7:5).
9. Telling others what to do but not doing it ourselves (see Matthew 23:4).
10. Loving the praise of people more than the approval of God (see Luke 11:43).
11. Refusing to enter the kingdom of heaven and preventing others as well (see Matthew 23:13).
12. Taking advantage of others financially under the pretense of religion (see Matthew 23:14).
13. Expending great effort to make converts of their own system (see Matthew 23:15).
14. Emphasizing religious details while neglecting fundamental teachings (see Matthew 23:23).
I hope these things will NOT be in my life. You?

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