Saturday, May 03, 2008

A 40 Day Fast - May 6-June 14

On May 6, I begin a 40 day fast till June 14. I am doing this for several reasons. I was invited to speak at North Point Church on Father's Day, 06.15, and Browns Bridge Church on 06.22. I want to pay a lot of and extra attention to my relationship with the Lord and my prayers for the men and Father's in our church and around the world.
Over the next 40 days, I plan to...
Drink only water
Eat 4 small meals a day
Eat no sweets or chips
Swim every day
Do cardio and weights 3-4 x's a week
Fast weekly for 24 hours
Get 7-8 hours of rest
Take Multi/C/E & Juiceplus
I am hoping at the end of these 40 days to have a renewed walk with the Lord and a greater passion for men and fathers to be the men God has called us to be.
Want to join me? It's only 40 days.


Anonymous said...

oh, you KNOW i'm joining you!!!! (i'll have to go 3 extra days since i'm starting on 5/9.) thanks for the challenge. i need a renewed mind and spirit. i love you SOOO much!

Mike Elmer said...

Hey John, it's Mike Elmer senior. I'm in, albeit late. I'm with you from May 18 to June 18. It's not the full 40 days, but I think the Lord will understand. I have some thoughts on the condition of men in our culture and what needs to happen in their lives. The first part is to fast for the men in this nation and for revival. I guess you saw that the Ca. supreme court allowed gay marriage. I guess I may have to start a blog for the next 30 days. See you at NP soon. Take care brother.