Monday, April 07, 2008

Lord, As I Grow Older

Recently some friends of ours attended a Tres Dias weekend here in Georgia. I think it was life changing for both of them. They shared this very cool prayer.
Lord, as I grow older, I would like to be known as
Available rather than a hard-worker;
Compassionate more than competent;
Content not driven;
Generous instead of rich;
Gentle over being powerful;
Good listener over being a great communicator;
Loving vs. quick or bright;
Reliable not famous;
Sacrificial instead of successful;
Self-controlled rather than exciting;
Thoughtful more than gifted.
I want to be a foot washer.
What about you?
For what do you want to be known?


Chris said... wife attended North Georgia Tres Dias #16 the same year I attended a weekend in Florida...i hope you have also had the experience of a 3-day weekend retreat like tres dias, it's like nothing else...DE COLORES!

jnt. said...

i want to be known as an amazing lover and submitter.