Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Letter From God

I had a new experience this past week. I went away for 24 hours with a group of men and the leader asked us to go and write a "Letter from God." I heard of this exercise but never did it. As I sat alone and quiet before the Lord, I had some strange thoughts and feelings before I was able to write. These were some of the things I recorded before the letter...
" Be still and know that I am God. This is interesting. Most of the time I open my journal and write, "Father, ..." and I am talking to and writing to God. This exercise to write a letter from God has knocked me a little off center. Several I making up words? Am I trying to be theological? Am I afraid to write a letter from God? I would like to write words and thoughts from God and not just make up my own words and ideas. So...I sit and wait and center and pray and eventually write."

Good morning son,
Today is a gift. Every day is a gift from Me to you. I welcome you into it by the rising of the sun each day. I have everything under control. I am ruling and reigning over everything and every one. I love you. I am glad you are my son. I have chosen you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit. I have saved you and called you for my purposes and plans.
I have been writing your story before the world began. I know there were many times that you wondered if I was there and listening but I have been with you all the way.
I have led you and brought you to this pleasant place for My purposes. Keep seeking Me with your whole heart. Keep loving me as I have loved you. Walk in all My ways and I will pour out a blessing for you that you can barely handle.
Thank you for loving Debbie the way you are doing. I have blessed you with four children who belong to Me. I have good plans for all of their lives. Thank you for focusing on godly have your earthly Father to thank for that.
Walk humbly. Take the low place. And I will exalt you in My time and in My way. Keep trusting Me for every day you have left in this world.
I love you,
Your Father

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