Friday, March 07, 2008

Bud Hinkson's DNA

I had an incredible thing happen this week. On Monday, March 3, after we returned from Macedonia, I met with Durwood to debrief our time. I said to him on Monday that I do not have a heart for other parts of the world, but something comes alive in me when I am in Eastern Europe. The obvious part is that we now have a daugther and son in law in Slovakia. We have a new family in Europe. I told him that I thought it was more than that. My story includes 7 years in Europe. My spiritual father, Bud Hinkson was the Director of Campus Crusade for Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. I remember many times Bud would come and tell us many stories of lives in Eastern Europe. I said to Durwood, "I wonder if I have some of Bud's DNA in me"?

Fast forward to Wednesday, March 5. I was sitting with a man that I only met once before and he told me of his journey with Campus Crusade and knowing Bud. He shared with me that in his time with the Lord that morning that he felt the Lord wanted him to share something with me. As he continued he said, " John, the Lord told me this morning that you have Bud's DNA in you and you are continue some of his work". It instantly moved me to tears. I could hardly believe it. I don't know what that means or how it gets worked out but it was such a cool, affirming experience. One exercise that Stephen encouraged me to do was list the qualities I saw in Bud as a teenager and continue to grow in them and pass them on. These are some of the things that came quickly to mind:
1. He was soooo passionate about the Lord and his Word.
2. He was so positive and energetic.
3. He was so encouraging and affirming.
4. He memorized books of the Bible in multiple languages.
5. He made you feel like you were the only person in the room with such focused attention.
6. He treated Debbie like a queen when I knew Deb was insecure about having him for dinner.
7. He had a zeal and passion for lost people and missions.
8. He modeled a devoted quiet time with the Lord.
9. He was very athletic and in incredible shape.
10. The Lord took him home at age 58 in a bicycling incident on his way to a friend's house for dinner.
11. We felt like we were with Jesus every time he came into our home.
12. He had a great focus on young guys and paid attention to them.
13. He had a hunger to learn and read great books.
Thank you Father for bringing me to You through Bud Hinkson.
May Your life and fruit continue in me because of him. I want to finish well as well.

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