Saturday, January 05, 2008

What causes a wife to react to her husband?

Many years ago I was introduced to this list of things that cause a wife to react to her husband. Needless to say it was helpful to this young, clueless husband.
1.      When we are ignorant of or insensitive to her needs
            Top 5 Needs
Affection and tenderness
Conversation – Sharing from the heart
Honesty/Openness – no secrets
Relational commitment
2.       When we haven’t learned and mastered the 3 questions of the soul.
-        What do you think?
-        How do you feel?
-        What would you like to do?
3.       When we are not the spiritual leader God called us to be
4.       When we don’t show her that she’s 1st place
-        Live with a sense of honor and awe.
-        Establish  a regular time.
-        Make  frequent calls.
-        Show  good manners.
-        Provide for  intimate conversation.
5.       When we don’t give her plenty of time to prepare for change (details/visualize).
6.       If we ever, ever, ever  compare her to another woman.  
7.       When we don’t model inner discipline by controlling our temper, tongue and moral weakness
8.       By not paying attention to the little things she does to please us.
9.       When we correct her or are sarcastic to her in public.
10.     When we don’t listen carefully to her cautions or concerns.
11.     When we’re not consistent in discipline or when we overcorrect our children.
12.     When we’re not willing to humble ourselves before God and others.
What about you? What are you doing to cause your wife to react? How will you change it?

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