Thursday, January 10, 2008

Remembering My Dad-01.10.05

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my Father's "graduation" to heaven. My older sister, Linda Werner, wrote:
My week has been precious remembering Dad... I just came in from my
walk and listened to all his favorite songs ..Amazing Grace, No More
Nights, The Celine Dion song that was on his last days DVD, Gaither
I thanked GOD for him on my walk...I thanked him for the strength he
instilled in me, his single minded passion to know and share with the
world his LOVE for his God. I thanked God for the consistent
challenge to define and understand what I was clear about. I
remembered his life of leadership and confidence in who he was.
Though not formally educated he was successful because of his passion
and I so relate to that...I'm not too smart but I sure do LOVE sharing
with others what I have learned from God's lesson book.
So before I begin a very busy day, my heart is remembering an amazing
FATHER, a generous man, a passionate lover of GOD's word and a simple
HOPE that he can somehow look down on his legacy and smile because of
a job well done..His life lived well. I hope you too will have an awesome day of remembering

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