Saturday, January 05, 2008

Personal Mission Statement

I remember June of 1996 like it was yesterday. I was sitting quietly with the Lord one morning asking Him for the purpose and mission of my life. I wanted crystal clarity for my life and ministry before Him. As I asked and waited and listened these thoughts came to my mind as quickly as I could write them. I wrote:
It Is My Supreme Desire And Mission:
   1. To love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, and love my neighbors. Matt. 22: 36-40
   2. To love my wife as Christ loved the church, building and enjoying a marriage that is deep and rich in spiritual, soul, and physical         oneness, Eph.5: 25-33
   3. To raise godly generations in our children and grandchildren, Psalm 78; Deut.6: 4-7
   4. To participate with Christ in building His church Matt.16: 18; Col.1: 15-19
   5.To finish the work Christ has given me to do with joy.
John 17:1-5; John 19: 30; 2 Tim.4: 6-8
These 5 areas have been soooo helpful in living a life on purpose, fulfilling the mission God has given to me.
What is your mission?

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