Saturday, January 05, 2008

6 Essentials to Marriage

Debbie and I came to North Point Community Church in 2001. It was here that we heard the 6 essentials for a good, strong, intimate marriage. These 6 things have been very helpful to us as we keep building a marriage that is deep and rich in ONENESS.
  1. Trust God - We need to let God have control of our lives
  2. Cultivate Communication - We should understand before we can expect to be understood
  3. Celebrate Differences - We will love even if we never change
  4. Nurture Romance - We need to remember that we have certain needs
  5. Hurry Home - We will make our time together a priority
  6. Finish Together - Because we will stay, we can work out anything
What essential do you need to pay attention to this year?

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