Tuesday, January 08, 2008

5 Aspects of Woman

One of the best studies Debbie and I ever did was “5 Aspects of Woman” http://fiveaspects.org 20 taped messages. That’s right, 20!!! Grueling for me, great for her…jusssssst kidding. It was the best thing we have read and heard on woman. What are the Five Aspects of Woman?
1. Mistress of the Domain (Gen.1)
Woman is created in the image of God to rule the earth for God.
2. Helper-Completer (Gen.2)
Woman is from the man and for the man, an indispensable helper without whom the man, his work, and the whole creation are not complete.
3. Life giver (Gen.3)
The means of man's temptation, woman is also the means to physical and spiritual life. Through her comes the Savior and lesser saviors, who crush the Serpent. As a life giver, she is in partnership with God and nature.
4. Lady of Wisdom (Prov.1-9; 31)
The "woman of excellence" patterns herself after the archetypal Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 1-9, and thus, enjoys a strength and dignity which are uniquely feminine.
5. Glory of Man (1Cor.11; Eph.5)
Woman is the last creation of God, and the quintessential creature. As the glory of man, her femininity embodies the characteristics and virtues of the believer and the Church -- responsiveness, fruitfulness, and faith.
Gents, I encourage you today to be a student of this amazing woman and creation that God has given you. She is a gift to you and the more you know how and why she was made, the greater intimacy you will enjoy. Trust me on this one. Still learning about my woman and wife of 33 years. She is AMAZING!!!

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