Monday, December 24, 2007

A Prayer from the Scriptures-2 Cor.1.1

A prayer offered from the Word of God, by the Spirit of God, for the men of God
Over the last several years I have kept 3x5 index cards of Scriptures from my morning quiet times. Today was the first time I used those cards from the last 30 days to lead me in prayers for a number of upcoming retreats in my life. Most of these prayers come from 2 Corinthians...

1.1-2 – Lord, you have called me and made me a man and a minister. I want to minister to your church in Illinois with grace, peace and power.

1.3-4 – I want you to bring compassion and comfort to those who are troubled. Please comfort them through me.

1.8-9 – God, I want to rely only on you. Not my strength or personality but on you alone.

1.11 – Lord, grant me favor with these men. Thanks for the prayers of my wife, my mother and a few friends that actually remember.

Pro.18.21 – Lord, words have the power to give life. Lord, speak words of life through me in these sessions.

1.21-22 – Lord, help me to stand. You have anointed me, you own me, you have given me your spirit…please minister through me

2.10-11 – Lord, I resist Satan by faith in your Name. He has a scheme to accuse, confuse and divide. I pray against him.

2.14 – Thank you for leading me in triumph through Christ. Please spread the fragrance and aroma of Christ in and through me.

3.5-6 – Lord, you have made me competent for this task today and tomorrow. I believe you. I receive your competence in me. You have made me a minister of a new covenant…a new covenant of the Spirit and life…call men to new life in Christ.

3.17-18 – Lord, today I want to reflect your glory. You have transformed me. May these men see and experience an ever increasing glory.

4.7-8 – Please show your all-surpassing power in and through me

4.10 – Lord, I want your life revealed in me today, tomorrow and always.

4.16-18 – Thank you for renewing me day by day and please help these men to see what is UNSEEN…to fix their eyes on Jesus, the eternal, the invisible things
Mt.5.44-45 – Lord, help these men who have enemies to open their hearts to let your love in and through them…release any anger, bitterness, pride, guilt or jealousy or shame.

Phil.4.4-7 – Lord, I am not anxious about the weekend but I pray with thanksgiving that your will will be done on earth as it is in heaven…in the hearts of every man. Give them peace. Cause them to pray and petition you as a loving heavenly Father.

5.1-5 – Thank you for your Spirit. Empower me today and this weekend.

5.6-9 – Lord, today I choose to live by faith and not by sight. My goal for this retreat is to please you first and in pleasing you that others may be pleased as well.

5.10 – Father, one day I will stand before you at the judgment seat of Christ. I will give an account of this weekend. Will I receive gold, silver, and precious stone? Will this be an activity of the flesh? I want all I do to come from you, by you, through me for you.

5.11 – Lord, help me live and walk in the fear of the Lord. Please persuade these men through me to grow in their relationship with you. I will plant, I will water but trust you to make all of us grow.

5.14-15 – Lord, you died for me. I want to live for you. Every day. Every hour for the rest of my days on the earth. As I live for you this weekend, please bear much fruit in and through me.

I had this thought…there is a difference of trying to bear fruit, make a difference, and have an impact. When I abide in Christ…FRUIT HAPPENS…fruit emerges…a difference is made…an impact occurs from being, abiding, remaining in Christ.

5.17 – Lord, help the men see that they are NEW…BRAND NEW…the old has gone…the new has come. Help them walk in newness of life.

5.18 – Lord, you have reconciled us to yourself. You have made us your friends. Help them see that they are reconciled to you and you have given us the ministry of reconciliation.

5.19 – Lord, you are not counting our sins against us. Release these men from counting sins against themselves or others. Help them to enjoy the freedom we have in Christ and your desire for relationship with us. Thank you.

Is.61.1 – Lord, you are on me. You have called me, invited me and anointed me for this weekend. Through me please…
1. Bring good news to poor men
2. Bind up broken hearts
3. Proclaim freedom to captive men
4. release these prisoners from darkness
6.1-2 – Lord, today/now is the time of your favor and your salvation. Will you please show your favor and bring your salvation to men. Save us from ourselves, the world, the flesh and the devil. Save us from mediocre and passive lives.

6.3-13 – Lord, some of these men are in real hard circumstances. Bring your grace, peace, power, comfort, perspective and your hope.

James 5.16 – Lord, help these men confess their sins/their faults to one another that they may be healed.

You said the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective. Lord, you made me righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ. I have your righteousness and here I am praying. I am asking, saeeking, knocking. I am giving thanks for what you will do in me and to me and through me.

Please cause this retreat to be powerful, effective, and fruitful…fruit that will remain for all eternity.


All of this is prayed in the great and righteous name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my Leader, my Friend and my Lover.

AMEN and AMEN!!!

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