Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inspire Me by Bill Hybels

The session started off with the story of a boy who was born blind with no leg strength to support him. Discovered he was gifted musically. An amazing story of a father and son. All the audience was super inspired.
What can happen when we are all inspired? The power of inspiration.
4 questions:
1. How much does it actually matter in the life of a worker to be motivated?
Motivated employees
• 87% stay
• Fewer Sick days
• Please motivate and inspire me
2. Who’s job is it to keep me motivated? Mine
When my spirit sags, do not blame anyone.
No body wants to follow a moping leader
We are to live in an “inspired state”
1 Sam.30.6 – David encouraged himself in the Lord…he took responsibility for his encouragement
Ways that Bill has stayed encouraged over the years:
1. Be crystal clear of my calling and mission from God
a. .Pay the price to get still before the Lord to get crystal clear
b. Who am I? When did He call me? To what has He called me?
c. For me…it is my personal mission statement
d. To always do that which pleases my heavenly Father
e. Helping men live life on purpose in balance
2. Leverage my spiritual gifts and strengths:
a. I am an exhorter, pastor, teacher and leader
b. My strengths are context, responsibility, relator, developer and intellection
3. Make sure the players on my team are inspiring people
a. Do all my players inspire me?
b. Do I get a “positive emotional jolt” every time they walk in my office?
4. The books I read
a. Am I reading biographies?
b. Books that inspire and challenge
5. Rub shoulders with “EIP’s” – exceptionally inspiring people
a. Their presence is inspiring
6. Participate in “EIE’s” – exceptionally inspiring events
7. Pay attention to physical disciplines
a. A 20% energy gain
b. Diet/Exercise
8. Pay attention to work environment
a. Work space can add to or subtract from
b. Decorated, pictures, art that lifts spirits
c. What does my work environment do for me?
9. What inspiring recreation do I have?
a. Golf, swimming?
b. What lifts my body and spirits?
10. Practice daily spiritual disciplines
a. When God speaks to me from His Word
b. Journaling
c. Writing out prayers
d. Saturated Reflection
From a sagging spirit to a full, inspired spirit
3. What is the best way to inspire and motivate those around me?
• The best way is to live a motivated/inspired life in front of them
• My motivation can be contagious to others
• It is a “force multiplier”
• Be a fully inspired self
A. Connect every one I lead to a grander, greater, compelling vision. What they are doing connects to the greater mission.
B. Learn the inspiration language of every one on my team.
• .How do people want to be inspired?
• Tell each other how we can be inspired
C. Identify and reduce every de-motivating factor and dynamic on our team. Address and resolve them.
• .Common demotivating factors
i. Unclear job descriptions
ii. Confusing benefits
iii. Underfunded ministries
iv. Hard office space
v. Meager salaries
vi. Few learning opportunities
D. Celebrate every sign of progress toward our teams shared goals
• This gives great energy
4. What would a church look like if every one was inspired and motivated?

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