Monday, July 30, 2007

Letter to Beks

My Sweet Rebekah,
It is one week before you get on the plane to your new life with Andrej in SK. Wow! Needless to say - many thoughts, many emotions. I’ve decided to write little by little, day by day as I prepare for this transition.
You are hopefully reading this on the plane as you fly to your new world. I feel less sorry for you if you are reading this in first class. ☺
So single life is about over, 73-74 days or so – amazing! You are and have been an amazing woman and you will be an amazing wife and mother and friend. God has put so many gifts in you and has given you so many great experiences. None of them will be wasted. I think of all of these aspects when I think of you:
(1) A Mistress of The Domain. You will be awesome in setting up your new home and making it a place that will glorify the Lord, minister to Andrej and your family and friends. We can’t wait to see it.
(2) You will be a great Helper/Completer. This will be your new role as you help Andrej become and fulfill the calling in and on his life. Your gifts will indeed be a completion to him and his.
(3) I have no question you will be an amazing “Life Giver”. The Lord opens and closes the womb. It is He who gives and creates children. I hope you will be able to have and raise 4-6 amazing children of your own. Keep trusting the Lord for this in His time.
(4) You are a “Lady of Wisdom”. You have so much wisdom the Lord has given you over the years. Use it prayerfully. Use it carefully and keep your trust in the Lord, whether Andrej follows your counsel or advice. The Lord will direct your path. Thank you for being a wise woman and daughter and soon a wise wife.
(5) You are “The Glory of Andrej”. You will be a crown upon his head. Be a bright and radiant crown that brings glory to God and Andrej.
You will be able to close out the chapters of your single life with great joy and peace and pleasure and a sense that you walked with God and did His will. Way to go!
Well 2 more months and we will be together - enjoying your new world is Slovakia. Seeing your flat, sipping some coffee, drinking a few beers in the square, having a fun dinner in The Castle, traveling as a family to Prague and then launching you to your new season. That will be so much fun.
My dear Rebekah, you are so ready and so prepared and you are and will be pleasing to the Lord, Andrej and your family in all respects. Give thanks to the Lord for His grace and goodness to have placed you in our family with the wonderful influences of godly grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so many who put their “fingerprints” on you.
Thank the Lord for all the ways He led you and kept you all of these years. Thank Him for His protection on your life and for leading you to this awesome man, Andrej. And thank Him for all that He will continue to do in you, to you and through you.
You know I love you and have cherished our relationship all of these 28 years. You have made me such a glad father. You know I will miss you terribly, but go celebrate this next chapter and season of your life.
Go into it with your head held high with great faith, hope and love in our God and Savior, Jesus. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. He will always be with you and He will always help you as you call upon His Name.
Enjoy the rest of the flight and enjoy the rest of the Lord as you enter your new world.
I love you so-o-o much and am so-o proud of you.
One of your greatest fans and cheerleaders,
A grateful and blessed Dad!!

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Anonymous said...

i hope i get a letter like this someday... ;-)