Sunday, July 29, 2007

360 Degree Leadership-Bill Hybels

Several years ago I heard a message and read a chapter in the book, Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels called, “360 Degree Leadership – The Art of Self Leadeership”
It was the first time I heard the idea and importance of leading North, South, East and West. Most of the time we are thinking about leading people below us. He suggested that we give 50% of our attention to self-leadership.
He asked several helpful questions:
1. Is my calling sure?
2. Is my vision clear?
3. Is my passion hot?
4. Am I developing my gifts?
5. Is my character submitted to Christ?
6. Is my pride subdued?
7. Am I overcoming fear?
8. Are interior issues undermining my leadership?
9. Is my pace sustaihnable?
10. Is my love for God and people increasing?

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