Monday, April 02, 2007


In Ruth Barton’s book, Sacred Rhythms, in the chapter on Solitude she mentions some intriguing questions that she asks herself in the discipline of solitude...

1. What is true of my soul these days?

2. Is there a particular joy I'm celebrating?

3. A loss I am grieving?

4. Are there tears that have been waiting to be shed?

5. A question that is stirring?

6. Is there an emotion that needs expression?

She says to " sit with your awareness, becoming conscious of God's presence with you in that awareness. Don’t try to do anything with what you are knowing except to be with it. Feel the difference between trying to fight it and letting God fight for you! What does it mean to 'be still and let God fight for you in this particular area? (she refers to Ex 14:13-14)"

Seeking to be still

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