Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Best Year Ever

I love this time of year between Christmas and New Years. It is a time to reflect, remember, give thanks and prepare for the New Year.
I was recently asked this question...”What will make 2007 the best year ever?” I love questions like this. It made me think of the following things in my LIFE, MARRIAGE, FAMILY, WORK and CHURCH.
Before I begin to list the specifics of 2007 let me state this... It would be the best year ever if Jesus came back. If this was the year that He said, “time is up, I am coming back to establish my kingdom in all the earth”. That is THE thing that would make the best year ever.
But if He does not and He decides to come another year, then I would like to know that I abided in Christ…that Christ was my FOCUS…that He was my LIFE and everything I did, I did from Him, with Him and for Him.
o Spirit
• That I loved the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength
• That I grew in knowledge and wisdom and the fear of the Lord
• That my relationship with Jesus grew deeper, sweeter and more intimately
• That I kept all of His commands
• That I lived totally dependent and restfully available to God
• That I paid attention and kept in step with the Holy Spirit
• That I prayed as a righteous man who’s prayers are effective and powerful
• That I practiced the wisdom of “firsts”...first hour of every day, first day of every week, first dime of every dollar.
o Soul
• That my mind was renewed day by day from the Scriptures
• That I read 12-24 books that caused me to grow as a man, husband, father, and pastor
• That every day I choose life instead of death
• That I choose the path of God and good men instead of the path of evil
• That I was full of the Spirit with love, joy, peace, patience, self control, meekness etc
• That I was free from the emotions of the flesh...anger, greed, jealousy, guilt, rage, bitterness etc
o Body
• That I was 200-205 with 15-20% body fat and a 37-38 inch waist
• Diet
• Had a morning protein shake
• Proper supplements
• 3-4 small meals a day
• Drank 100oz of water a day
• Exercise
• 3 x’s a week for 30 minutes
• That I loved Debbie as Christ loves the church
• That we enjoyed living as one in our spirits, souls and bodies
• That I entered her world of creating environments, painting, and being the mistress of our domain
• That I helped Debbie fulfill her dreams of finishing our house, stewarding our wealth and turn her paintings in cards and prints
• That we enjoyed an awesome 32 year anniversary
• That we enjoyed 4 quarterly get a ways
• That we had 12 monthly marriage staff meetings
• That we had weekly calendar and communication times
• That we enjoyed daily times of prayer and connection
• That we earned all that God wanted to give us
• That we updated our financial plan for 2007 +
• That we gave generously to others
• 10% to NPM
• Increased our Eternal Investment Portfolio
• That we figured out how to have the maximum return on our investments
• That we saved according to the Scriptures
• Maximum 401k at NPM
• Maximum SEP for Debbie
• Mortgage payment plus one
o David and Danae
• That they kept growing in grace and in Jesus
• That they had clarity on school, work and family
• That we enjoyed a good time at the Cove in March
o Mike and Priscilla
• That they grew in Jesus in their first year of marriage
• That they would start a family soon
• That we were able to visit them in CA
o Beks
• That we had clarity on Andrej
• That there was clarity about her life and work in SK
• That we traveled to see her in SK
o Stephen and Leann
• That they were protected from the deceitfulness of riches
• That they used their wealth for the kingdom of God
• That they started their family
• That we visited them in FL
o Mom and Wayne
• That they enjoyed every day that God gave them on the earth
• That I honored my mother all the days of her life
• That we visited them in NC
o Linda and Lisa
• That Elisabeth would have an awesome wedding on May 5th
• That Lisa and Sid would keep growing their marriage
o Jessica Taylor
• That she continued to heal and grow in Jesus
• That her baptism was a huge defining moment in her life
• That our team grew together in love with the Lord and one another
• That we grew in grace and knowledge and wisdom on how to lead, love and serve
• That we are crystal clear and excited about our Top 5’s
1. Execute core responsibilities (Leader Development Plan)
• One on one’s: 80-90%
• S2’s: 50-60%
• GLLC: 45-55%

2. Increase our rate of multiplication to 40%
3. Create and develop new systems for enlisting leaders
4. Insure that 40-50% of MCG’s are utilizing the “road map” for engaging men in groups
5. Improve current group experiences by increasing our “member evaluation” marks from 7.7* to 8.2
6. Improve leader identification, tracking and approval processes
• Contact 90% of leader candidates within 1 week
• Interview leader candidates within 1 month
• Approve or deny leader candidates within 6 weeks
• That we served all of our leaders well in our 1 on 1’s
• That we had excellent Group links and S2’s
• That we had excellent conferences with DRIVE and GLLC
o Married Life
• That we had an excellent team building exercise with Ray Linder on 1/12/07
• That we had an excellent offsite with Randy Walton on 1/17-18/07
• That we were able to assemble an excellent strategy, content and structure to minister to married couples around the world
o Group Life Division
• That we were able to work together with all other departments for excellent Group Life
• That we used our gifts to “add value” to the organization at different tables
o That we led two Starting Point Groups throughout the year
o That some way we could figure out how to “Invest and Invite” in a greater way.
o That I mentored 8 men to become prevailing men
o That I refined my “life on purpose” manual even more.
o That we did life together in our community group
o That I ministered to the other divisions like SPD in Feb.
o That we did 2-4 men’s and marriage retreats
o That I had an excellent mission trip around the world
o That I was an excellent “Staff Coach” to all who the Lord sent.
Some personal “other things”
1. Got to play and improve my golf game
2. Reunions with 2004-2006 men’s groups
3. A reunion with Mike M.; John Mac.; and Leon
4. Reunion with Mark E and Mark L.
These would be some things to contribute to the best year ever. What about you?
For a life on purpose in balance