Friday, February 01, 2002

Stay Away - Prov.6 & 7

I love how God made the female absolutely beautiful. But I am sorry for the struggle it can create in the heart of men. As I was reading Proverbs 6 it warned me to be careful of these powerful women. I love these warnings in Scripture.
20 Reasons To Stay Away
Proverbs 6
1. You will be reduced to a crust of bread.v.26
2. You will be like her prey.v.26
3. You will be burned like fire.v.27
4. You will be seared like hot coalsv.28.
5. You will be punished.v.29
6. You will lack judgment.v.32
7. You will destroy your own soul.v.32
8. You will be wounded and get dishonor.v.33
9. Your shame will never be wiped away.v.33
10. You will receive another man’s fury.v.34
Proverbs 7
11. You will be a simple (silly, seducible) man.v.7
12. You will be a man void of understanding.v.7
13. You will be a weak man.v.13
14. You will be a “stuuuuuupid” man.v.14-21
15. You will be like an ox to the slaughter.v.22
16. You will be like a fool to the correction stocks.
17. You will have a dart strike through your liver.
18. You will be like a bird darting into a snare.v.23
19. It will cost you your life.v.23
20. You will be slain by her, going down to the chambers of death.v.26
For the rest of my life, I want to be a "One Woman" man who guards my heart against all the temptations that come my way. You?

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