Saturday, February 02, 2002

22 Benefits of Wisdom-Prov.8

I desparately want to be a wise man. For many years of my life I did not feel very smart. I was just an average C student in school. I lost and found my life in sports. Someone told me that I could be a wise man if I would delight in and meditate on the Scriptures day and night. These are some introductory thoughts on Wisdom.
➢ Read the Word of God daily and early for it.
➢ Ask God for wisdom.
➢ Anticipate His answers and provision.
➢ Watch how it comes to you each day.
➢ Don’t be surprised when it comes.
➢ Give all thanks, praise to God for it.
➢ Keep growing in it.
In Praise of Wisdom
1. It has excellent things to say.v.6
2. It says the right things.
3. It will speak truth.v.7
4. It detests wickedness.
5. There is nothing crooked or perverse.v.8
6. Its instruction & knowledge is better than gold, silver and choice rubies.v.10-11
7. It dwells with prudence.v.12
8. It finds out knowledge and discretion.v.12
9. It teaches us to fear the Lord, to hate evil, pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the perverse mouth.v.13
10. It provides counsel and sound wisdom.v.14
11. It has understanding and strength.v.14
12. Kings reign by it. Rulers decree justice.v15
13. Princes, nobles and judges rule by it.v.16
14. It loves those who love and seek it early.v.17
15. It provides riches, honor, enduring riches and righteousness.v.18
16. Its fruit is better than gold and its revenue better than silver.v.19
17. It leads in the way of righteousness and in the paths of justice.v.20
18. It causes those who love it to inherit wealth and fill their treasuries.v.21
19. It was with the Lord at the beginning.v22-31
20. Blessed are those who keep its way, who listen, watching daily, and waiting.v.32-34
21. In finding wisdom, you find LIFE and obtain favor from the Lord.v.35
22. If you hate wisdom, you wrong your own soul and love death.v.36
Do you consider yourself a wise person?
Are you enjoying the benefits of Wisdom?

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