Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Woodall Family Letter - 2002

My Dear Family:
My heart is so full; I hardly know where to begin. 2001 will certainly be the year of transition for the Woodall Tribe. Last January, I wrote to the family that I was praying for the Lord to “bless us indeed” and “enlarge our territory”. Only our God in heaven knew that He would enlarge our territory by inviting us to serve Him at North Point.
I have enclosed some sheets summarizing the Lord’s dealing in my life over the last several months. I have shared some of this with you already, but wanted to share some important truths for your consideration.

The theme I have chosen for this year is: “2002 - More Fruit. Much Fruit.” I take this from several passages of Scripture but primarily from John 15. You will notice that the Lord wants to produce much fruit through our lives. He will do this after He “purges, prunes and cleanses” us and as we stay intimately connected with Him. A fruitful life can be seen in the following areas:
1. Delighting in the Lord and His Word. Psalm 1
2. An intimate marriage. Song of Solomon 2:3; 4:12-16
3. The Fruit of the womb…children. Psalm 127
4. The Fruit of wisdom. Proverbs 10:19; James 3:17-18
5. Fruitful lips. Proverbs 12:14; 13:2; 18:20
6. Fruitful hands. Proverbs 31:16
7. Fruits of repentance. Matt.3: 8
8. Fruit unto holiness. Romans 6:22
9. Fruits of righteousness by Christ. Phil.1: 11
10. Fruitful giving. Romans 15:28; Phil.4: 17
11. The Fruit of the Spirit. Gal.5: 22-23
12. The Fruit of our lips…giving thanks to His Name. Heb.13: 15

I encourage you to rise early, seek the Lord with your whole heart, with regular and systematic reading of the Scriptures. (Psalm 63) You will notice from my sheets, the date, reference and “main idea” for that day. This time of rising early, setting aside an hour or two for intimate communion with the Savior has been life changing. As you read through the Scriptures with an open, seeking, hungry heart, the Lord will meet with you and reveal what He wants for that day. The life and ministry of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God is so powerful. Enjoy Him more each day.

The Lord has reminded me again, that He only, is the Healer of broken hearts. (Luke 4) Invite the Lord to come into every room in your heart and do what only He can do. He is faithful. Do not try to heal by comparing your “lesser pain” to someone else’s “greater pain” or by listing assets, yours or theirs. Let Him do His specialty work as a living, loving, Savior and Healer.

You will see from my “Preparation for an Invitation” sheet, the great truth and reminder to always take the low place. (Luke 14.7-14) Many are tempted to take the high/best seats but the way of the Lord is through humility. Before honor is humility. (Proverbs 15.33) He has blessed me so much by this invitation to speak at North Point on March 3. Please use it as an example and reminder to trust Him for His invitations in our lives.

Debbie, thank you for pursuing the Lord, freedom and grace the way you are. I am watching you unfold before my very eyes. Thanks for keeping our marriage alive, fresh and full of variety. It’s exciting to think we will celebrate 27 years together this June. I love you forever.

David, I have admired your quiet strength through very difficult days. Though your heart has been challenged, you seem to have a faith in our great God that will see you through. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on the Savior. You will be awesome in anything you do.

Michael, thank you again for the life and gifts you bring to our family. We have loved your writings this past year and I exhort you to fan it into a flame. Keep working out your salvation and discover the great and unfailing love of our Savior. He only will satisfy the deep longings in your heart.

Beks, thank you for your heart for the world. We support you in your desires for other cultures. Keep seeking balance in all your ways…school, work, ministry and relationships. You have many gifts and God wants to use them all. Keep Jesus as your highest aspiration and goal.

Stephen, we have missed you terribly as you tore it up on the book field and then headed to Germany. We could not be more pleased as you continue to discover God’s gifting and calling in your life. You may need to go to Israel for further exposure and discovery. Above all else, keep the pursuit of Jesus at the forefront. You will find him and He will bless you beyond all comprehension

There is no way for me to express my deep gratitude to God for His loving kindness and goodness to our family and me. I pray daily for godly generations in our children and grandchildren. Please know how much I love you and will be praying for much fruit in our lives this year for the glory of God. These are exciting and difficult days. Keep living with eternity in mind.
Phenomenally Blessed,