Thursday, July 01, 1976

Seasons in a Man's Life

I was first exposed to the idea of seasons in a man's life when I went to a Pastor’s Conference at Moody Bible Institute at the age of 22 in 1976. Ross Rhoads was saying that our:
20’s are years of Preparation
30’s are years of Initiation
40’s-50’s are years of Domination
60’s-70’s are years of Consolidation.
I have seen this to be true. The 20's were indeed years of character development. I saw the 30's as years of "Initiation" where I was trying alot of things and seeing what worked. I have seen the 40-50's to be years of Domination where I have been leading and serving from the place of who God made me to be. I am also beginning to "Consolidate" my thoughts and finances. I am so grateful for the road map.
What season do you find yourself?